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Eidos Montreal | Richard Jacques

I was delighted to be involved in this huge project as assistant to composer Richard Jacques. Richard entrusted me with a range of support tasks and it was thoroughly fascinating to witness his exceptional - and huge! - score come to life, not to mention having a small part in the process. It was my first experience being on the inside of a AAA project and I couldn't have asked for a better mentor.

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Onus explores what it is to be a person of multiple cultural identities. The work follows a woman as she finds ground between her Indian heritage and her experience growing up as a Western citizen - as she discovers who she is, and who she can can become, in a globalised world. I was responsible for the music, sound design, and voiceover editing, for this exceptional film featured in BBC4's Dance Passion Liverpool.



Music, sound design, and implementation with FMOD in Unity. A love-letter to the classic FPSs of the 90s, sent in an envelope of sleek modern art style. Go get some! This one forced me to up my guitar game to give justice to the ensuing mayhem.

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Combining influences from Bauhaus theatre and Latin dance, this wonderful short film is a quirky mix of charm, action, and comedy. The vividly colourful production design and expressive camera work proved very inspiring.



Being a hacker looks exactly like h1.jack - guaranteed. This cool mobile auto-battler game needed some synthwave vibes, but also edge and character. I also supplied the sound design.




Jo Cork Dance and Digital

The most complex of a growing string of wonderful collaborative projects I've completed with choreographer and film-maker Jo Cork. This one involved 5 looping videos with individual, but complementary, scores which would bleed over onto each other in unexpected ways. Funded by Arts Council England and premiered at Chisenhale Dance Space, London, in September 2018.



This charming point'n'click adventure holds a special place in my heart, as it was the beginning of my association with Cobble Games. It features lovely watercolour work by Daniel Wlodarski - very inspiring for a composer - and an array of quirky NPCs to spice up the story.

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To date, my biggest composition undertaking, and it happens not to be associated with visual media. Follow the link below to a dedicated page.

Intensity X info page



Stanislaw Buczkowski | Studio Munka

Most of the composition work on this complex animated short has been completed, but there's still a few linking moments and the sound design to do. It has been a long process of trial and error, but that only makes it more valuable. Stanislaw's narrative vision is deep and multifaceted, so the easy way is the wrong way. More info soon.



My humble contribution to these lovely songs was the string quartet arranging - performed to perfection by the Bergersen Quartet. Jo Beth's voice and songwriting were very inspiring, and I haven't had a chance to do any arranging work on another artist's recordings since, which makes this experience even more valuable. I obsessed over capturing and reinforcing the ethereal quality of the compositions, which I felt required a non-orthodox approach.

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